A view from the studio,  August, 2014

A view from the studio, August, 2014

Pic+Bristle is a Boutique Art & Handcrafted Design firm located in the heart of Colorado specializing in custom artwork.Our innovative Pic+Bristle Aesthetic Assessment allows us to gain unique information and provides us an creative starting point for our clients original work.

Have you ever wanted a unique and custom piece of artwork created for yourself or someone you love? With a fully customizable commissioned piece of artwork, Pic+Bristle can create something unique and visually impactful to meet your specific needs. Our uniquely impactful 50 point survey process allows us to gain a distinct perspective of individual style and a personalized visual aesthetic. 

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
– Aristotle

Pic&Bristle instantly identifies your distinct needs through the use of comprehensive surveys and personal consultations. We offer 2 unique product packages which are individually tailored to your specific needs and we embrace a completely collaborative process when working with each and every client.

1. Custom Handcrafted Artwork... Based solely on surveyed responses to visual aesthetic and personality based questions we will create a personalized painting, collage, or mixed media art piece as unique as the individual.  You will have complete control over colors, textures and imagery within the final product. Perfect for celebrating life events or finding that perfect piece of custom art to compliment your space.

2. Custom Photo Print... A bulky painting isn't for everyone. Sometimes a photo is picture perfect. Similar to our custom artwork creation, allow us to create a unique and simple photo print utilizing objects and textures based on your specific surveyed responses. All of the visual creativity and freedom of a custom piece of handcrafted artwork at a fraction of the cost.